Home Sweet Home . . .

Home is a place where we need to feel safe or secure and . . .

with proper planning and preparation we can avoid most of the safety and security issues encountered at home.


General Home Safety

Returning Home / Key Control

Burglar / Intruder Protection

Home Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan

Lighting around the home is important to security and accident avoidance. EPR Associates recommends the ” Nightwatcher”  Robotic Security LED Motion Lighting Camera

he New and improved Versonel NightWatcher Pro VSLNWP702C Robotic LED Security Light with Color Camera has a patented motion tracking feature built into a PIR lamp (Passive Infrared Sensor) with LED floodlight. It also includes an integrated digital color camera with built-in SD memory card which will record or photograph events.
NIGHTWATCHER Robotic Security LED Motion Lighting Camera


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