Hurricane intensity is increasing and rainfall totals have increased by 24% from tropical storms in the North Atlantic each decade since 1988.  It is crucial you are prepared for the impact of potential natural disasters that are occurring more frequently every year.  EPR Associates has assembled a useful set of tools and resources to help you and your family survive under these extreme circumstances.

Emergency Water – Cooking, Drinking & Storage

Emergency Foods

Gluten-Free Emergency Foods

Portable Cook Stoves


Pre Inventory Checklist

Family Emergency Plan

Personal Safety

 Food Storage

Shelf Life / Storage Methods


Power outages are expected during a hurricane and the need for reliable light or additional power for small electronics can provide welcome relief in a bad situation. EPR Associates recommends the following items to help!

Streetwise Xtreme Flashlight & Power Bank

Whether you are preparing your emergency preparedness kit, going camping, or just someone who stays on the go and uses your phone a lot you will love this brand new gadget that combines two must have items: a bright flashlight/lantern and a power bank! In addition to the powerful flashlight, the other thing that makes the Streetwise Xtreme Light Power Bank unique is the rechargeable replaceable battery.



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