Home Pre-Inventory Checklist

The following checklist should help to minimize the time spent performing the actual Inventory. Please take note of each item, and try to have things ready for your inventory.

Please note: Inventories that take longer than the quoted time due to inadequate client preparation may be subject to additional cost!

Businesses should follow similar guidelines to those listed below for all business equipment and assets they wish to have included in their inventory.

To Do
Have the following ready to pull out in order to be photographed and documented by serial numbers and model numbers: Appliances, computers, printers, fax machines, stereo systems, TV’s, and other electronics.  Receipts showing model/serial numbers of these items would also be sufficient for documentation; however, pictures are still important.
Have the following removed from the cupboards for accurate documentation and photographing: Smaller kitchen appliances that are in cupboards, such as, mixers, blenders, choppers, skillets, etc.
Closets should be accessible, and clothing and linen should be ready for pictures.  In regard to clothing, we respect your privacy and will only inventory what you wish to include, but it would be in your best interest to include any expensive suits, dresses, coats, etc.
If you opt to inventory everything in your garage, basement, attic, and storage rooms, they must be neat and fairly organized in order for us to photograph and accurately inventory items.  Items in boxes will not be removed by us; therefore, they will not be documented.
We will record all vehicles, trailers, riding & push mowers, etc. on the property.  Any items you have off-site, we will not be able to inventory but we can arrange to add those at a later date (i.e. a boat, etc.).
Any special collections will be photographed and documented as a group, unless otherwise specified by you.  If you wish to have collections or memorabilia photographed and documented individually this will be a separate charge and not included in any of our packages.
If you have any fine china/silverware, we will photograph a single place setting. Each piece will then be counted individually and entered into the quantity fields of our software. If you wish to have each piece individually documented and photographed this will be a separate charge and not included in any of our packages.
If you purchase the Premium Package please have the following ready to be scanned on-site on the day of your inventory:  important documents, such as, receipts, warranties, certificates (birth, professional, etc), registrations (vehicles, guns, etc), appraisals, and any other document you would like to have scanned and documented in your inventory.
Should you wish to have us enter in your homeowner’s insurance information, such as, company name, contact info, policy number, etc., please have those documents out for our review.


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