After the Fire

What was the single cause of over 380,000 residential fires in the US over the past 10 years?

Cooking is the largest factor in 50 % of fires at home with Heating a distant 2nd at just below 11%.  After the fire event  is when most people ask what could have been done to prevented it? Every kitchen should have at lease one fire extinguisher, with one on each level of the home, and know how to use it. We suggest the “Fire Gone 16 oz Can.”

Fire Gone is a wonderful alternative to traditional fire extinguishers because the discharge time is much faster which helps reduce loss of life and property. It is a trigger style aerosol which, once activated, releases a powerful foam blanket on the ignited material to suppress the fire.

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Do you have a Home Inventory to save money and help recover household items destroyed if this happened to you?  Such emotionally charged events often prevent recalling details of all home contents and cause homeowners to lose  thousands of dollars in insurance reimbursement costs for items not listed?

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Home Inventories


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