About Us

Build Your Shield and Master the Storm

The origins of Emergency Planning & Recovery Associates, LLC lie in our personal experiences of clean-up / recovery efforts during natural and man-made disasters over the past twenty years. We recognize that, in addition to natural disaster preparation, personal security threats have become a significant challenge as economic conditions deteriorate and criminals become more emboldened. There is a need for home safety as well as personal protection and crime deterrent tools of a non-lethal variety. Emergency Planning & Recovery Associates’ personal security tools and products are highly effective, available in several levels of protection, and are more often the preferred choice for defense.
Our goal is to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from advance preparation and safety solutions. During some of life’s most difficult times, make sure you have the home safety and defensive tools to avoid or eliminate personal threats.

Build Your Shield and Master the Storm!

Our Experience

We have participated in cleanup/recovery efforts after Hurricanes – Hugo (Charleston, SC – 1989), Andrew (Homestead, FL – 1992), Alberto (Flooding in Albany, GA – 1994), Opal & Erin (Pensacola, FL – 1995), Frances & Jeanne (Stuart & Cocoa Beach, FL – 2004), Katrina (Biloxi, MS – 2005), burglaries (St. Matthews, SC – 1985, 2001, & 2008), Ice Storms (SC – 2004), and fires (Orangeburg, SC – 2009), Historic Flood (SC – 2015), Hurricane Matthew (SC – 2016) in our neighborhoods.

Our Mission Statement

A primary objective in personal planning is achieving self-preservation and safety! The mission of Emergency Planning and Recovery Associates (EPR Associates) is to help individuals develop personal security practices and to be equipped with security and safety tools.  Our goal is to help you achieve peace of mind and to respond to some of life’s most difficult challenges.