About Us

Build Your Shield and Master the Storm

The origins of Emergency Planning & Recovery Associates, LLC lie in our personal experiences of preparation, recovery, and clean-up efforts during natural and man-made disasters over the past 25 years.

We recognize that the frequency and severity of natural disasters is growing, as is the need for maintaining a state of readiness. In an emergency situation, there are three important considerations for personal and family safety:

  • protect and sustain life in adverse conditions
  • “shelter in place” for safety and comfort during major events or “power outages”
  • evacuate quickly to a safer environment with essential items (food, clothes, important documents, Meds, etc.) for comfort .

In these situations, there is a need for improved home safety, asset documentation (Inventories), and crime deterrent tools  as conditions deteriorate and criminals become more emboldened. Emergency Planning & Recovery Associates’  personnel are ready to assist in the planning and preparation for these decisions.

Emergency Planning & Recovery Associates is also proud to be a representative of Legacy Food Storage. Legacy Food Storage, recognized as “the best in the industry,” features a wide variety of “freeze-dried” foods  for emergencies or long-term storage as well as other emergency-related products.

Build Your Shield and Master the Storm!

Our Experience:

We have participated in cleanup/recovery efforts after Hurricanes: Hugo (Charleston, SC – 1989), Andrew (Homestead, FL – 1992), Alberto (Flooding in Albany, GA – 1994), Opal & Erin (Pensacola, FL – 1995), Frances & Jeanne (Stuart & Cocoa Beach, FL – 2004), Katrina (Biloxi, MS – 2005), burglaries (St. Matthews, SC – 1985, 2001, & 2008), Ice Storms (SC – 2004), and fires (Orangeburg, SC – 2009), Historic Flood (SC – 2015), Hurricane Matthew (SC – 2016) in our neighborhoods.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Emergency Planning and Recovery Associates (EPR Associates) is to help you preserve peace of mind, safety, and comfort  through planning and preparation.