Alone and Afraid

Have you ever found yourself alone or in an unfamiliar place with the uneasy feeling you are being watched? Are you uncertain of how to respond to a threat?  Attacks against individuals, especially young women, continue to be a significant threat in our communities making up approximately 25% of all crimes.

There are many non-lethal options for protection against assaults such as Personal Alarms, Pepper Spray or Stun Guns to name a few ! Knowledge and planning are the keys to feeling and being safe.

Personal Safety

Walking Alone

Outdoor Activities & Attacks

Defense Against Dogs

“STREETWISE” PANIC ALARM. Security is now as close as your keys!

Personal Protection Panic Alarm

For quick reaction to threats EPR Associates recommends the ” Streetwise Panic Alarm. ”

The Streetwise Panic Alarm features fast  and simple squeeze and scare operation that allows you to quickly  activate the alarm at the same time you grab the unit.

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Personal Mini Stun Gun

Streetwise Mini SMACK 20,000,000* Stun Gun (BLUE)

For a long time, the most popular non-lethal self-defense product has been the keychain pepper spray. What makes the “ Streetwise” Mini SMACK 20,000,000 volt Stun Gun so popular is that an individual is able to defend themselves when they are most vulnerable- walking to or from their home or car!

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